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November 21, 2012 / lesley kaiser

Excellent day

Just come out of Judit’s excellent Prezi workshop (thanks Judit!) and inspired to perhaps do a prezi for a paper presentation of 21st Century bookworks findings (see slideshare summary post below).

Also a prezi will be a good way to document in-depth resources with different levels of  interest in terms of an archive – nicely echoes Foucault’s ‘archaeology of knowledge’.

The downside of Prezi’a seems to be its online-only existence. Wireless internet access in the studios is crucial if using Prezi for teaching (need to go Prezi edu pro I think, to gain offline mode, so you can work off-line as you would with a ppt.).

Altogether an excellent day with the Prezi workshop followed by inspiring CfLAT get together. So good to be in a building where you can all wirelessly access the network and add comments as a brainstorm – something not possible in WE block with its solid concrete walls as yet.

Great this morning to be able to see slideshares on gdcop blog working well on my iPhone on the way into uni, and see the other gdcop interesting reports on line. The slideshare also seems to download more effectively on iPhone than on the iPad for some reason – maybe network issue or smaller files?

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