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February 12, 2013 / lesley kaiser

Lesley’s Graphic Design CoP Visual Slideshare [56 slides]. 15 April, 2013.

See also the individual reports on

November 21, 2012 / lesley kaiser

Excellent day

Just come out of Judit’s excellent Prezi workshop (thanks Judit!) and inspired to perhaps do a prezi for a paper presentation of 21st Century bookworks findings (see slideshare summary post below).

Also a prezi will be a good way to document in-depth resources with different levels of  interest in terms of an archive – nicely echoes Foucault’s ‘archaeology of knowledge’.

The downside of Prezi’a seems to be its online-only existence. Wireless internet access in the studios is crucial if using Prezi for teaching (need to go Prezi edu pro I think, to gain offline mode, so you can work off-line as you would with a ppt.).

Altogether an excellent day with the Prezi workshop followed by inspiring CfLAT get together. So good to be in a building where you can all wirelessly access the network and add comments as a brainstorm – something not possible in WE block with its solid concrete walls as yet.

Great this morning to be able to see slideshares on gdcop blog working well on my iPhone on the way into uni, and see the other gdcop interesting reports on line. The slideshare also seems to download more effectively on iPhone than on the iPad for some reason – maybe network issue or smaller files?

November 14, 2012 / lesley kaiser

Last of the marking completed. So exciting to read student books on the iPad and iPhone

Some excellent topics chosen for Issues, Theory, Formats [21st Century Bookworks]. Great in terms of content and form. Most students choose interactive pdf’s (which appear in iBooks Collections as a spiral binding on the bookshelf). As they are best for maintaining formatting and design. However some students experimented with two or three formats to see what happened in the different formats (the EPUBS show as perfect bound on the bookshelf) and there was one iBook. So far I have them in six collections – one for each group. Hope to install on the WE504 ipad so you can read each others books as well as view them in the glass cabinets after Friday. The videoed presentations are looking good, and we will send link for you to login and view your own in not too long. Thanks Victorio and team.

See a selection from one group

First Year Graphic Design assignment for HCC1
Issues, Theory, Formats: C21st Bookworks, 2012
The iPad/iPhone-formatted component (5%)

November 2, 2012 / lesley kaiser

Excellent first year bookworks for ipad starting to come in

The iPad formatted component of the brief is due on 4 Nov at 4pm and already it is so exciting to see the beautifully designed work.

Also lovely to get student response to the paper and the ipad formatted interactive pdf part of the brief
” Just emailing to say that I really enjoyed your help and teaching this year! …  I have learnt so much. The interactive PDF for the BookWorks was a challenge but I did it and have submitted, it is such an awesome tool to have learnt for the future.
First year of Uni over, looking forward to the break but also looking forward to coming back!”

Unfortunately the iPad has had to be removed from the studio in preparation for the graduating Graphic Design exhibition, so first years can’t view work on an actual iPad. Suggest to use Reader for Mac and Adobe Digital Editions to view.

Back to the next marking marathon

October 29, 2012 / lesley kaiser

Transmedia and multi-modal books

Interesting in the context of mult-imodal Bookworks for HCC1, and transmedia books today, is Frank Rose’s book The art of Immersion is full of useful insights [Rose, F. (2012). The art of Immersion: how the digital generation Is remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the way we tell stories. New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company.]

Last lecture on Transmedia and social media by Anna Jackson was excellent. Here is a link to the Prezi. for those of you who missed the presentation or who want to go back to it.

Anna Jackson’s lecture (captured on iphone on gorilla tripod) – is under Resources on AUTonline.

Another link: Geraldine Peters intro to bogging prezi at

Also captured with iphone are a number of vids of paper-engineering and bookbinding tutorials

so useful for recording lectures demos etc.

Students start leave traces of using the ipad installed in studio

In ibooks see the first student trials of their Interactive pdf or epub on the studio ipad

Thanks CFlaT (Jin,Victorio, and team) for videoing 130+ student presentations of their hardcopy bookworks. Students beautifully designed and imaginative 21st Century bookworks will be on display in the glass cabinets in WE from late November over the summer break and into mid-March.  Digital versions designed for ipads/iphones are due in on November 5 and we can hopefully display those in a digital library too so the contents can be read. Very impressive work for first year Design students.

October 10, 2012 / lesley kaiser

10 October – Hello again after marking interlude

Seems the reality is that there are no funds this year for ipads (but hope for next year it seems). The good news is that we now have our first ipad installed in studio WE 504 {thanks Brian for ingenious and cheap alternate to expensive ipad enclosures).

I have installed some of my apps on the studio iPad so HCC1 and GDS1 students can explore the range, and see how they function in terms of a touch-screen experience. If  logged in wirelessly via uni-surf, files can be uploaded to check out how epubs/interactive pdfs look on an ipad.

In the semester break we have had installed on the lab computers the free Adobe Digital Editions app [this is what you should download on your own computers as it is what you can read library e-books on] and the other great free reader we have put on your computers is the Sony Reader app which is designed to read a very wide range of e-book formats.

You can upload your own files and create your own library. []

Our ipad installed in studio for student use. Thanks Brian for ingenious instant enclosure.

August 14, 2012 / lesley kaiser

Summary slideshare August 14. Combining old and new technologies

Presentaion for Academic Forum in Art and Design

Some links that may be of interest when making a Gravatar:

How To Make A Photo Into A Cartoon | 3 Minute Miracles – YouTube

Turn Your Photos into Lichtenstein-inspired Comic Book Art | Photojojo

Create a gif – Create a gif online – Gif Creator – Gif Maker

Responsive Flip Book WordPress Plugin Preview – CodeCanyon

Augmented Reality- Beyond Usability with Flow and Narrative Transportation

Dr. Seuss Went to War

Flavorwire » The Amazing Advertising Artwork of Dr. Seuss

Good on digital book design

Craig Mod – Considering the future of books & storytelling

August 8, 2012 / lesley kaiser

some more links and video underway

handy for designers
great for free fonts:

apparently really good password thing:
does anyone use this?  L
Productive filming  and editing sessions with Victorio  – paper-engineering mechanisms etc. of The Naughty Nineties original prototype were archived in HD video. This has been a great practice run for learning the technical ins-and outs of filming demonstrations at a future date (probably in the summer break). Must be more aware of  what comes into the frame – like off-side hand gesture shadows. Victorio has a great eye for detail, which is so good to work with. Will start practice run of filming with the iphone in next student  session and compare how spontaneous filming  compares to pre-prepared. The pictures taken with ipad suprised me with their quality (see last update) –  only problem is focusing control close-up – but there are evidently lenses you can put in front of ipad camera to get micro focus etc.
August 6, 2012 / lesley kaiser

Elective project: Bookbinding for limited editions [5 August update]

Link for animated gifs for paper-engineering The Naughty Nineties: A Saucy Victorian Pop-Up Book for Adults Only | Brain Pickings

Logan teaches how to do this in his lectures to 2nd year BDes students (from photosop computer component in first semester), which is great for any of my EP2 students who include paper-engineering in their bookwork, and are also presenting as an epub.

July 24, 2012 / lesley kaiser

See ppt slides on

Ipads in tertiary education update at

Another app that is worth checking out is Inkling as the Meggs History of Design ($85) may be worth buying.

Also useful is the TED talks app and Typography Insights is great for typography basics

Now have my iphone up and running to complement ipad





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